Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Which Breast Pump to Buy

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but when you have two mouths to feed, it is wise to get a breast pump.  This way you can pump between feedings and have extra milk on hand.  You can have milk available for when others feed the babies too.  With twins, your breasts might over produce milk.  You'll want to pump and stock up for those days when you just can't produce enough milk for both babies (and it will happen!).

In the hospital, I used the Medela Symphony Electric Breastpump (below).  This was AMAZING!  They said it's ideal for preemies since it mimics their sucking patterns/rhythms.  It was gentle and yet strong enough to get the milk out.  It has a turn dial and shows on the digital screen how strong it is.  You can also choose different sucking patterns, which is nice since a baby will sometimes suck fast, and then slow.  You can also do a random setting which keeps switching the sucking pattern after a few minutes.  The best part was that it was so quiet!  My husband tried to buy it, but they only rented it out.  I miss this pump :(  

Right now, we're renting the Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade BreastPump (below).  This is the other pump that most hospitals use.  It's pretty basic and has a minimum all the way to maximum setting with a turn dial.  It also transforms into a manual pump (which I have not used yet).  This pump is pretty good, but it is quiet loud.  I usually keep it on low all the time, unless I am really engorged, then I kick the setting up a little higher.  I find the low setting to be a little too strong, so I'm not sure if it is just my pump or that's the way this one works...?

If you're interested in the Medela Lactina, plan on renting it.  I looked on Amazon, and it was a whopping $1,099!  Does it really cost that much!??!  Well, the Medela Symphony (the first pump pictured above) costs even more...

Want to rent an electric pump?  WAIT!  DON'T BUY ONE YET!!!  Check out these places (it worked for me, and I'm renting a free pump right now!!!): 

  • twin organizations or clubs (google this with your zipcode to find one... you should be able to find one close to you)
  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children government program)
  • La Leche League (or click here to find local support and resources in your area)
  • your OB/GYN or pediatrician (nurses will be willing to help too)
  • lactation consultant at your hospital
All of these places will be willing to help you (or supply you) with a breast pump.  If you have twins, they will definitely help you with an electric double pump (that's what happened with me).  Mainly, ASK QUESTIONS!  Don't be afraid to ask anyone.  More people are willing to help than you think.  Just check out your options/resources before you splurge on a $100 on a pump at Walmart or Target... those pumps usually aren't as strong as the Medela hospital ones either, and cannot get as much milk out.   

Good Luck! 

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