Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Costumes!

Now that I have two kids to dress up, I love Halloween!!  My mom got Max and Leo their first Halloween costume. I put Max in the ladybug costume and Leo in the pumpkin costume.  They didn't seem to have a problem with it except that they keep pulling their hats off!  At first, we didn't plan on taking them out for trick or treating since they're too little to say "trick or treat" and to eat the candy (or even take the candy).  But I found out that some shopping malls have trick or treating for little kids!  So we will probably take them to that and show off their costumes!  Can't wait to take pictures for that!

Leo looks like a sad pumpkin here!

Baby fashion show!

Twins 1st Birthday - Seattle

Max and Leo had their first birthday celebration in Korea this year, but we still had to celebrate it back at home!  

Here they are playing with their Glo Worm dolls that my mom got them.  They love them so much and always hug them and dance to the music that they play!   Thank God they have their own Glo Worm because they constantly fight over things.  

I made them each a baby carrot cupcake, which they destroyed.  

Leo eating his cupcake (or playing with it, actually).

We like to take them to the park so that they can walk around in the outdoors.  They are such explorers!  Leo was hanging out by himself here on the grass while I was walking Max around.

We got them a toy car from Costco that they just push around and sit on.  Leo is the one who sits on it while Max pushes him around.  Here, Max is doing hard labor while Leo enjoys the ride!!

Sometimes they fight to sit on it, so I have to put both of them on and pull them around.

Max is getting his Glo Worm toy in the morning.  I love his backpack t-shirt!

The twins running around at night with their matching pajamas.

Max is carrying around his new toy.  His hair is getting pretty long (compared to Leo's)!

They love getting into cracks and small places.  Leo managed to squeeze himself through the drying rack and behind a chair.

We decided to pull out the baby swing again so that we can sell it... and shockingly, the babies are obsessed with it!  They like to sit in it when they get tired.  Good thing we didn't sell it!

Leo with his Glo Worm.

Leo asleep in the chair.  He still looks the same here as when he was three months old to me!

Exhausted from a long birthday!

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