Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The twins in their snow suits / winter coats.  We just got back from running errands and had to take pictures of them in these before we undressed them!

We got these snow coats at Walmart.  I think they were $20 each.  They're super nice and thick enough for the baby to stay warm outside during Winter.  But not too warm so they overheat.  Plus, they'll make your baby look super cute!  It has a zipper so it's easy to put on over their clothes.

Leo is in the gray suit, Max is in the blue one.  Max got quite comfy in his.

Leo in his winter hat from my mother-in-law

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  1. Hi Ashleigh, thank you for visiting my blog!! Can I answer your question here? My camera is just normal Panasonic digital compact camera. I don't have such a great camera you have but I'm sure I really like to take pictures and some of them look better than reality lol haha.

    Oh my gosh, how cute your children are!! Plus, your pictures are really great=) I like it!

    I hope you'll come to Japan someday with your family and I really wish you visit my blog reguraly=) so do I!!
    Nice to meet you, Ashleigh. I'm really glad to meet you!! Have a good weekend!!


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