Monday, January 3, 2011

Pampers Diapers = BEST

I love Pampers diapers!   Seriously... I do.

Here is Max in his 1st Pampers diapers in the hospital.  They were the smallest size, but they were big on him... he was only a little under 5 lbs!!

Here are close-up pictures of the Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Size 2.  They're a lot more wide than the Costco Kirkland diapers, which I like... and more stretchy and soft.  

Here's the inside of the diaper (sorry, I like to take pictures ^^ ).  You can see there's a netting which traps the poop really well!  One time I didn't hear the baby poop, and when I checked his diaper an hour later, the diaper absorbed everything and his butt was clean!  Well, I still had to clean it up... but these diapers are NICE!!  Yay Pampers!!

Our babies were preemies... born a month early. Since they were so tiny, they needed the preemie diapers. The hospital used Pampers Preemie Swaddlers diapers. They were big on the twins, so the nurses advised us to roll the top part of the diaper down. It worked and never leaked.

At home, we had the Costco Kirkland Supreme Diapers (size 1).

Below:  Max is in the Costco diapers.  He looks SOOO tiny and skinny!! It was right after we came home from the hospital.

Well, the Costco diapers worked out in the beginning when we were home, but after a week or so, I noticed the diaper kept leaking whenever it became dirty, despite me changing it every 1 1/2 or 2 hours! I thought it was because of the baby going a lot, but when we changed to Pampers a month later, the diaper never leaked.

Huggies are not good. It reminded me of the Costco brand which were more stiff and seemed to make imprints into the babies' skin.

Overall, Pampers diapers are much more softer and have a netting in them so it catches all the mess inside and doesn't leave the baby sitting in any mess. This was very helpful if they were to ever have a dirty diaper while sleeping through the night. Pampers also has an odor or fragrance in the diaper (almost like baby oil) so it helps cut out the strong smell from any mess they have in the diaper.  Just be sure to check often for a dirty diaper since the fragrance might hide the smell!  Our babies have sensitive skin too, but the fragrance does not seem to bother their skin!

The Huggies seemed more stiff and a little smaller. They, like the Costco diapers, leaked on occasion. Even on Amazon, the Pampers diapers have the highest best rating and Huggies come after Pampers and Luvs. I actually started to purchase diapers online through Amazon. Works out nice since I don't have to carry the big box from my car to the house... they deliver it right to my front door! Count in the Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping, and voila~~!

The babies seem happy with the Pampers diapers too and their skin never gets red from the material. Specifically, I use the Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max.

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