Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twins 1st Birthday Party

The twins had their first birthday party while we visited family in South Korea this summer.  It was in Hotel Prima, which is a beautiful hotel!  Unfortunately, it was only 1 week since we've been in Korea and the babies weren't yet adjusted to the new environment.  This made the party pretty stressful... yet a once in a lifetime kind of thing!  The whole time, both babies cried terribly since they were so scared and tired and hungry and unsure of everybody there.  Overall, I'm happy they got to experience a korean birthday party (even though they're too young to remember it).  

Here is the ice sculpture the hotel supplied for the party.

Max outside getting his picture taken.

And now he's crying.

I ended up having to hold both of them like this 98% of the time.  If someone paid me to do that all over again, I would absolutely NOT do that again!!  Even my husband couldn't hold one of them without them starting to cry!  

My mother-in-law walking Max around.

And Max crying, again.

Traditional 1st birthday table set up for the party.

The photographer tried to take a decent photo of them alone on the table, but this was the only one he got without them crying.

Me holding both again.  Max is the one without pants and has longer hair.

 Max is frustrated...and thus picks his nose.  No matter how many times we try to tell him no, he still does it!

We ended up having to feed the babies while holding them since we couldn't put them down.
 At Korean first birthday parties, the baby usually picks from a tray of items.  Depending on what they choose from the tray, that is what they will be when they grow up.  Leo chose a book, which means he will study hard  and do a lot of reading!  Max chose a pencil, which means he will be a journalist or writer or just like writing.  
Max is chewing on a hammer, but he really chose the pencil.  

Cutting the birthday cake.

Birthday table set up in the hallway.  

The babies are in their traditional Korean outfits, called Hanbok.  My husband's aunt made these for them!!!  Perfect fit!

The flight to Korea took 11 hours.  We were able to get a bassinet/crib for them (and they gave us another free one for the other baby).  The bad part is that they didn't like sleeping in the crib for too long since it was so tiny and up in the air.  

Max eating a popsicle, which they both LOVE.

My mother-in-law got the babies their own Nike sneakers!  They're really flexible too!  

We got some hats and baby sunglasses for them at Baby Gap and StrideRite.  The glasses fit perfectly!

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