Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bathtime for Babies

After the bellybutton stub falls off, you will want to give your baby a bath!  Many parents can't wait for their baby's first bath, while others dread the thought.  As a first-time parent, I did not know how to give our twins a bath.  I was still in a daze from the anesthesia when the nurse gave the bath demonstration (very quickly) to my husband and me.  All I remember is that there was a lot of crying.  

Luckily, we purchased the Safety 1st Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Bathtub (pictured below) for the babies that came with a slideguard (the froggie net) that you hook onto the plastic tub and a foam headrest for the baby.  We bought it at Sears on clearance for around $12.00.  
The baby's back/butt sinks into the water a little, which is nice because it helps keep the baby warm.  There are also soap/accessory/sponge holders near the feet and a thermometer inside to show you how hot the water gets.  It's really nice, although I usually just feel with my hand if the water is too warm.  

The bathtub is light, and you can put the Slideguard froggie into the washer machine too.  Our bathtub came with a water container to rinse the baby, some bath toys (maybe useful for when the baby gets older and can interact with it), and an inflatable balloon to put over the faucet so the baby doesn't kick it or hit his head on it and get injured.  

In the beginning, I didn't use the Slideguard... seemed too much of a hassle to put on.  Plus, the baby enjoyed being submerged in the warm water.  But now I use the Slideguard because I don't have to constantly support his head/neck from going under water.  I can use two hands to wash his body and get done in half the time!!  Our twin boy, Max, still likes the bath, as long as I keep pouring water on him with the bucket or faucet ... he fell asleep last time!  Leo, the other twin boy, doesn't seem to like it and gets fussy halfway through because he gets a little cold still.  

Either way, I highly recommend this tub.  Use it in the sink (double or single) or bathtub.  Although the sink is MUCH easier.  You can stand and don't have to be on your hands and knees.  

I have also tried the Safety 1st Bath Sling at my parent's house.  This was easy to use and baby didn't slide down it.  The only downside is that it's more suited for newborns because once they're maybe 4 months or older, they'll start rolling off it or just be too big for it.  It's made for the bathtub, and not the sink... another downside.  But for the beginning, it's small, easy to store/dry, and the baby fits on it nicely.  Plus, it's under $10.  

Helpful Bathing TIP: 
  • Prepare all towels, diaper, clothes, etc. ready in the room
  • I use a little heater in the room to heat it up quickly for the baby (you might be hot after, but baby will be cold)

  • Undress baby (leave diaper on!!) and wrap in a blanket
  • Hold baby with one hand and wash his face and head over the sink FIRST.  Then dry it off quickly 
    • This step makes the whole process a lot easier!... plus baby doesn't sit in tub as long then
  • Remove his diaper and put him in the bathtubWash his body, give him a rinse and wrap him in the towel and quickly take him to the room
(pictures below are without the Slideguard in the beginning)

  • dry him off with a towel

  • Put their diaper on first after drying off (to prevent any accidents!!
  • Apply lotion on their body (Vanicream or Aveeno)... optional
  • Dress baby
I usually don't use baby powder, and if I do, I use the PURE cornstarch.  I've been reading that it is not good for baby (in case they inhale it).  
  • We also got some bath robes from our friend. I don't keep them on the babies too long, since it's wintertime and cold here.  But they're cute to have on!

Happy Bathing!

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