Friday, January 7, 2011

3 months!!

On December 30, the twins turned 3 months old (although they were born a month early).  

  • Don't cry as much
    • used to go from 6:00-10:00pm crying... maybe due to acid reflux or digestion problems? or just tired
  • Practicing crawling
  • Talking and cooing A LOT...especially to each other
  • less crying and more talking to us when they're hungry or sleepy or want attention :)
  • Sleep all night long (from 10pm - 8am)
  • Sucking fingers/hands a lot
  • Drooling 24/7
  • Smiling, laughing at us
  • Watching TV
  • Looking around at thing

Here's a mini photo shoot I did!

Leo & Max

Above pic is of Max cuddling up by his big brother.  Even though Max was born first (1 minute early), we think of Leo as the big brother (yellow hat).  I heard that Nigerian Twin legend (I think that's what it's called), where one baby is supposed to come out first, but right before delivery, he/she moves up the belly and pushes the other twin out FIRST, to make sure he/she gets out safely.  This actually happened to us!  Leo was supposed to come out 1st, but then he moved up above Max, and Max came out 1st, then Leo.  So we think of Leo as the big brother who watches out for Max and protects him!! 


Leo & Max

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