Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing Up Too Fast

I asked my husband if he could draw a picture of Leo... and here is what he just showed me...

The babies are starting to sleep a lot more these days.  For a good two months, they would cry from 5pm-10pm every night.  And it would be at the same time every day.  But once 10pm hit, they would pass out... it was the weirdest thing.  Now, they are sucking their hands more and talking A LOT more, so they cry less.  I guess they are able to keep themselves preoccupied now.  Plus, instead of crying when they are hungry, they just talk to us and suck their hands.  So much more convenient!  The only downside to all of this is that they are staying up later and refuse to go to sleep at 10.  They cry if we put them to bed, so we get them and bring them out in the living room with us for another hour... and they just coo and talk to themselves like crazy!!!  I guess they weren't done talking for the night!

One new thing that started today was with Leo and his crying.  He will start to cry pretty loud and then stop all of a sudden for 3 seconds and look at us quickly... and then start crying again... and then stop and look at us, and cry again.  He does this off and on... as if he is pretending to cry to get our attention.  Looking at us is his way of making sure that we are paying attention to him so we pick him up.  It was the funniest thing!!!

They also are starting to get extremely sensitive to noise.  Max and Leo never were bothered by the vacuum.  My husband would hold Leo and vacuum and Leo would be sound asleep.  Now, they start crying (and it's the crying where they are scared), so I'll have to play with them while my husband is busy vacuuming.

I guess the other thing that we noticed lately is that if we sit them in front of each other, they like it!  They will coo and talk and laugh at each other the whole time.  It makes me realize how much I love having twins!  Sometimes I forget how great it is to have twins until little things like this happen :)   Unfortunately, after 5 minutes they got sick of each other and wanted to do something else.  Oh well, it's a start.

I'm just thankful that we don't have to hold them all day and night like we used to.  I can now put one in the swing and the other on the baby gym and they are content.  Except I need to watch them since they are starting to move themselves on the carpet with their legs (not their arms yet).  They kick SO hard that they end up moving a couple feet!  And they are really eager to move!  I can't imagine how far and how fast they will go once they start crawling.

Even though I don't have to hold them a lot, I'm starting to hold them more than I need to.  It feels so good to hold them now, I don't know why.  They don't move a lot in the morning so it's nice to hold them against my chest while they look around.  Everyone always says that a year from now they will do ANYTHING to get away from us and explore everything else.  It makes my heart hurt to know that it's sooo true.  I want them to stay like this forever!  No, really... I do.  God doesn't let them stay babies long enough.  :)

Max with a bib on... he drools too much

Here's a picture of Leo... miniature version of my husband

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