Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Double Strollers: Inline vs. Side-by-Side

If you have twins, you might fear the first time that you decide to take them out with you, whether it be shopping, an appointment, or for leisure. What you are going to need for sure is a stroller.  Luckily, twins narrow your options down to a lesser number of strollers you can choose from.  Basically, you'll want to opt for the twin/double stroller.  You will need to decide whether you want a side-by-side stroller or an inline stroller.  Each has its pros and cons.

Inline Stroller

  • Fits through doorways
  • the Snap n Go stroller lets you snap in your car seats, which is super nice when you have a sleeping baby in the car and you don't have to wake him/her up to move him to the stroller!
  • You can put other items or belongings in one seat if you only have one baby at the time.
    • this came in handy at the airport when we didn't want to carry our luggage; we just put it in the front seat, I carried the baby, and my husband pushed the stroller with the other baby in the other seat :)
  • Difficult to maneuver through sharp corners
  • Baby can kick the back of the baby's seat when they are old enough
  • Sometimes difficult to see right in front of the stroller since it is longer (this becomes a nuisance when you're short!!.... but it should not keep you from buying one!)

Side-by-Side Stroller

  • babies can look over and see each other at any time, which can keep them somewhat entertained.  
  • It's not as long as a front to back stoller and you can see clearly in front of the stroller
  • You have easy access to each baby
  • Some strollers are designed to fit through doorways such as the  Graco DuoRider side-by-side stroller
  • You don't have to worry about one baby kicking the back of the other baby's seat (which will happen when they get old enough)
  • Some may be too wide to fit through doors (especially at the doctor's office)
  • You might not find a snap n go stroller where you can fit your car seats in it (thus, it might not be foldable and compact when you want to store it)

Baby Trend Snap N' Go Double Stroller

We chose the Baby Trend Snap N' Go double stroller from Amazon (we shop there a lot now that we have twins hehe).  My husband and I love this because the twins usually fall asleep in the car, so when we get to our destination, we can just remove the car seats from the car and snap it right into the stroller without having to wake them up and unbuckle them and put them in a new seat.  The Baby Trend stroller is also super nice because it has cup holders (which come in handy when you're feeding both babies and need to put a bottle somewhere).  It fits most car seats too!  

The Baby Trend Snap N' Go stroller is pretty easy to use and unfolds in seconds.  There's also storage at the bottom, and you know that you'll need every bit of space  to use when you have twins.  

The car seats that we use are the Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant car seats, which are around $50 at Walmart.    They snap in perfectly in the Baby Trend stroller.  

Overall, pick what's best for you since everyone's needs are different.  And as always, do research!!


  1. Hi! Pretty boys! We just had our own twins on July 9, and we too have the Discovery 5 carseats. We purchased the Double Snap N Go, and found that the car seat closest to us doesn't rest on the red supports -- it just sits between the bars. Is this the same with yours? Am I doing something wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

  2. Bunnyspatial - I checked our stroller and our car seat (closest to us) clicks into the bars. Not sure if that's ok if yours just rests on the red supports...? Ours has black bars that the seat kinda snuggly fits into and then we strap the seat in with the black belts that go around the seat. Sorry I couldn't be more help!!


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