Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Gyms

As a new parent, there are so many new baby gizmos and gadgets that I never knew about.  I just learned about baby gyms when my mom said she got one.  At first I thought it was a little obstacle course for babies and thought, "Well, thats weird, how are they supposed to use that!?"  But after finally getting one, I can see why they call it that.  

The baby lays on a clothed play mat and bats at the toys hanging over top.  It's basically like a workout for the baby's brain/mind...hence the name, gym.  Also, the babies exercise their little arms and legs by kicking and hitting at the toys.  
We just got the Tiny Love gym.  I'm not sure exactly which one it is since it was given to us.  At first I didn't think the twins would be very interested seeing that they don't even grab onto a rattle.  Well. it took some getting used to, but after a couple days of trying, they seem to get some excitement out of the gym.  Unfortunately, I have to sit their the whole time and hit the toys for them.  Once the toys stop moving, they'll start to fuss again.  I wouldn't say it's a downside to the baby gym at all, but more of their age issue (premature babies @ 3 months).  I think by next month, they'll be able to entertain themselves.  

I think this is a good investment to make, along with a baby swing and double stroller, is a baby gym.  I didn't think the babies would be interested, but they were really excited to see the toys move and make noise above them.  Plus, the gyms are usually brightly colored, which attracts babies.  

Here is Leo with the baby gym


  1. Do you put any pading underneath the gym for amy protection? Looks like i can't use it on my harwood floor.

  2. I don't use padding under since I use it on carpet. The baby might his/her head if it's on a hard floor and hurt it a little. You probably could put some padding underneathe or a thicker blanket under... just make sure it doesn't raise the gym too high in case baby crawls off, and keep an eye on baby so he/she doesn't suffocate from too much padding! :)


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