Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Although they may look alike, there are several differences in twins.  Being 4 months, I'm starting to be able to distinguish more easily between Max and Leo.  Max, for instance, has more feminine much as he probably doesn't want to hear that.  His eyelashes are incredibly LONG!!  I think they look pretty... unfortunately, people have mistaken him for a girl a few times.  His eyebrows are also more groomed and a little darker than Leo's.  Lastly, Max has long hair (well, longer than Leo) and is a tad bit curlier.  Leo, on the other hand, has more fuzzy eyebrows and more hair that make up the eyebrows.  His hair is also shorter and mainly fuzz on the top of his head.  

They both squawk and talk a lot, but Max tends to be the more calm baby while Leo loves to stay active and grab our attention ALL of the time.  He's also a fussier eater.  But he loves to be held!

It's still a little difficult to tell apart their personalities.  I can't wait until we start to see more differences in them.  

Max (left), Leo (right)

Leo, "peace"

Max....definitely starting to be the plumper one.

His belly is sticking out, although it's hard to see in this picture.


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  1. Yep, as you said, Max looks girl a little bit. Still, they're soooo pretty! I especially love "belly stucking picture"=)


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