Thursday, February 17, 2011

$1.00 ELMO DOLLS!!!

I got these Elmo dolls for $1.00.  Seriously!  I love getting good deals, and always check Twitter daily to find what's happening, where the deals are, etc etc...  

Well, one morning, there was a deal from a Groupon clone, DealPulp, where you could get $15.00 credit (or something like that) with free shipping for just $1.00.  I was hesitant and thought it was too good to be true, especially since I could only spend it on one particular website which I've never heard of.  After doing research, I quickly jumped on it and whipped my credit card out!  To this day, I regret not creating more email accounts and purchasing more of that deal...  :(

Well, here are my three Elmo dolls!  Plus, I got an elmo guitar and DVD.  I decided to wash the dolls once and read that you should NEVER put plush toys in the washer machine.  People said you can maybe get by putting small toys in the machine, but good luck with large ones because they will for sure never look the same.  Well, I don't know what toys they washed, but I just threw all three of them in the washer, on high speed, hot water, heavy duty hot air drying... pretty much the worst washing situation you could put these guys in.  After I took them out, they still looked the same!!

Max fell asleep next to the Elmo dolls.  I wonder how long it will be before he is bigger than the Elmo doll.

Here's Max again with small Elmo.  

Max with medium Elmo.

I did recently find out that TV is the worst thing for a baby under 2 years old.  Eeek!  It causes aggression, ADHD, and all sorts of other things later in their life.  Plus, they did a study and found out that babies who watched TV knew 10 less words by age 10 than those who didn't watch TV as a baby.  So, we don't let them watch anymore.  This time below was just an exception since I was doing laundry and couldn't hold Leo (which makes him stop crying).  I hope we don't end up having really angry kids later in life.  
Leo with small Elmo watching TV. 


  1. Hi .. we;re twins and we come from Polish;)) Very nice blog you have; ** Greetings and welcome to us; **

    Sylwia & Izabela ; ** ♥♥♥

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Sylwia and Izabela :) I don't know anyone from Poland, but now I do!! Nice to meet you!


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