Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The twins are officially going through a growth spurt.  They are now 4 1/2 months!  It's amazing how their milk intake can double so quickly.  Max has finally hit the 13 pounds mark and Leo is just slightly under by a few ounces.  They're still sucking their fingers ...24/7.  Even when we feed them the bottle, they manage to find a way to stick a finger in the side of their mouth and suck it at the same time.  That usually slows the feeding process down by at least a few minutes.  

Here's Leo in the swing sucking like crazy on his one finger.  He's a finger sucker, not a thumb sucker.

Their feet and hands are getting so big.  I had to take a picture of them so I don't forget that they were once this size.  They always look like little angels once they fall asleep

The twins have been crying and squawking and yelling like crazy since this past weekend.  I heard around four months babies start becoming more aware of their vocal chords and like to play around with them, especially when they figure out that it gets your attention a lot quicker!!  

My husband and I definitely agree that it's AT LEAST 10 TIMES worse than just crying.  It's a piercing yelling noise that's so sharp.  Sometimes I think that they just like to make that noise... 

Also, they're teething, which has resulted in double the amount of drool all day.  Feeding them has become a serious procedure since they are crying a lot more now.  But it's reassuring to always read from other moms that it will pass, even though it may seem like forever.  

Well, now they cry and have become 50 times more active, they pass out right by the time we actually manage to feed them.  Unfortunately, their naps only last 20 minutes.  Here's Leo... passed out and snoring halfway through the feeding.  Whenever I see them like this, it makes all the crying and stress-inflicted events totally worth it.  :)


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