Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 Month Growth Spurt

Ever since the twins were born, everyone (doctors, nurses, friends, etc.) kept warning us of growth spurts.  We considered ourselves lucky; the twins started sleeping through the WHOLE night by two months and never once woke up to be fed until the next morning.  Yes, we suffered more in that first month than we did our entire lives, but it passed... just like everyone told us it would.  

According to, a growth spurt is when babies eat more often than usual and act more fussy than usual.  Thus, milk intake increases, but is temporary (unless baby is BF exclusively).  Not only is it due to a physical growth spurt, but also to their newly developed behaviors such as walking, crawling, or talking.  Milk helps develop not only the brain, but also the body.  

By 3 months, the twins were so much easier to handle since they were having fun practicing to crawl.  But it finally happened: they hit a growth spurt.   

They're eating at least double the amount they usually do!  It's so stressful pumping milk and then having it disappear in a matter of seconds... only to result in crying babies again.  The best solution is to breastfeed so it can tell the body to produce more milk... but it's not always the most favorable option.  

Anyways, Max is waking up sometimes around midnight (which is not a problem since I'm still awake).  I actually enjoy night feedings (even though it only happened twice) because they don't cry.. they just eat quickly and pass out!  So convenient!  

Here are the pictures we HAD to take because he was just so cute and SOOOO sleepy.  Don't let his sleepy precious face deceive you... he pretty much attacked the bottle when I put it by his mouth because he was so hungry :)

I noticed my arm looks HUGE, but it's just because Max's head is so tiny still.  No, really... it is.  When they're this little and precious, it reminds me of how much I wish they could stay like this.  My husband were even talking the other night how we don't want them to grow up.  We would be happy if they would just stay babies forever.  :)

Leo (left), Max (right), dear husband (middle...too obvious)


  1. You have such beautiful babies! My baby girl is just about the same age as your boys, just a few days younger, although she was born on her due date.

    Of all my children, she's the first that I haven't noticed any growth spurts with, she just always eats a ton. Enjoy your precious bundles!

  2. Thanks, Miri! You're lucky you aren't going through the growth spurts with your little girl! My boys are still going through the growth spurt. Still waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel...!


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