Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Months!

Five months have gone by so fast.  Actually, the first two months took forever to get through, but after that, time has flown.   When I think back on the first month, I can hardly remember it... it literally seems like five years ago!  It's now that I regret not keeping a journal and jotting down all my thoughts and feelings I encountered during the early months.  

When I look at pictures of when the twins were just a few weeks old, it's hard to believe that those were my babies!  They looked so different.  The left picture below is Max when he was maybe 2 weeks old.. and the picture on the right is just a few days ago.  We decided to do a midnight grocery shopping trip with the babies since it'd be the best time to go out without them crying.  They were asleep and perfect!  Only problem is we had to carry them throughout the grocery store and one woman came up to us and said she thought we were carrying two stuffed toys... they looked like big old dolls over our shoulders!! As heavy as they are, I got to admit... I LOVE carrying them around in public as opposed to pushing them in a stroller.   :)

Here's Max laying on the ground.  He loves laying on his side now that he can roll over halfway on his own.  I swear he looks like a ballerina in the air.  Future dancer???  ...Or maybe a lazy cat.  Let's hope it's not the latter.

Leo was so hungry one morning waiting for me to get his milk.  He was trying to shove both hands in his mouth!

Max and Leo love to look in the mirror.  We don't have a big mirror in the room anymore, so my makeup mirror is the next best thing.  Leo still seemed to like checking himself out in it.  Leo is also in the right picture smiling.  I hope he looks this cute when he gets older!!  (which he will, of course!)

And, Leo again.

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