Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Leo in a new raincoat from my mom

Max fell asleep after another feeding

Max asleep again in his high chair after a feeding

Leo crawling around


Leo finally grew some hair!

...so did Max!


Max taking a nap.  I couldn't move him to the crib due to the fear of him waking up



Playing the guitar.  They actually played the strings for a long time and loved it!

Turns out Leo LOVES licking fruit.  He also loves licking popsicles and ice cream.
 Max, left... Leo, right.  Looking out the window... wanting to play outside.  They hit on the window with their hands all day!

Max took a fall.  It happened too quick.

Leo can't quite get down to the floor after he's standing.  So he ends up doing the splits as he slowly falls to the floor.

Max looking back.

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